Pigeon Sale Like In The Town Of Lier, Belgian ( Something New)

Sponsored By The Tillsunburg & District RPC. This event will take place at our
Club House Saturday April 28th/18 starting at 10:30 am. Bring Your Pigeons

All Pigeon Flyers Are Welcome To Enjoy A Day Of Fun

All the money you collect from the sale of your birds is yours.

You have to pay the club $10.00 dollars for your spot to participate in this sale.

We could have a lier sale race whoever qualifies from Hwy 7 & 38 September 8th 2018

You have to pay $ 100.00 to get into the race, and must be paid the day of the sale. Only birds that were bought at that sale can fly for the money.

You cannot use your own birds to participate in this race. Only the birds you bought.  Sale Birds can only be registered on the day of sale for this special race.

$ 100.00 will be paid to the breeder of the winning bird

10% of the total Prize Money is to be deducted for SWOA

PAYOUT - $100.00 goes to the breeder. Balance is - 40% For first - 30% for second 20% for third, Declining by 10% for Balance of payout

1.                 Flying by Tillsonburg & District Racing Pigeon Club Rules.

2.                 We only have the Unikon, electronic clocking system available in our Club. ( Sorry)

3.                 Raceisopentoanyone whopurchased pigeons andwereregisteredatthesale.

4.                 MustbeaCUmemberingoodstanding.

5.                 All flyers are responsible for their own clocks, to be sure they are set properly and running correctly.

6.                 The race is open till sunset of the 2nd day after release.

7.                 Race committee has the right to toss winning bird.

8.                 All disputes to be settled by the race committee.

9 All sale birds in the race are to be shipped from the Tillsonburg club house.